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PMP – Contract Types

Procurement Management Process helps us to identify suitable suppliers/contractor for product delivery or provide proper services or equipment lease. A project manager must have good understanding on procurement concepts, no matter whether he is a buyer or seller. Contract type … Continue reading

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Voice Blog using Asterisk AGI

Isn’t it nice to have your own voice blogging solution where you can share your voice blogs, discuss with in your friends or private groups. Asterisk, the most used open source IP PBX is there to create your own voice blogging platform. In … Continue reading

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Sensitivity check while sending email

How many times you have sent an email and then realized that there are some recipients in entire mail list who should not get that mail? Often people make habit of `reply to all` while replying any message and ends up … Continue reading

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Incident Management

Incident management is a process to handle incidents that may happen or already happened to an IT service operation. An unplanned disruption or degradation of service is called as an incident. How does it work? Incident can be reported by … Continue reading

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PM – Forward and Backward Pass

While doing critical path calculation two Project Management terms (PM) will always come in picture. These are Forward Pass and Backward Pass. These terms are to figure out start and finishing time of an activity and its effect on critical … Continue reading

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Critical Path Method (CPM)

Critical Path Method (CPM) is a project management technique that allows Project Manager to analyze project activities. And helps to find out which activities have least or no re-scheduling flexibility. These activities considered as mission critical activity and project duration … Continue reading

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Point of total assumption (PTA)

In a fixed price incentive free (FPIF) contract, the point where buyer stops bearing cost is the Point of total assumption (PTA). In other word, it is the point, up to where buyer bears the cost, however any cost above … Continue reading

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